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Corruption Kills

Florin Badita is currently one of the most active facilitators in Romanian protests, who at age of 29 was nominated on the Forbes list in London (30 Forbes under 30,  January 2018). Moreover he was recently awarded the distinction ‘The European Personality of the Year’ by Euronews in the European Leadership Awards (May 2018). Having been involved in civic activism for years before, Florin Badita became a very important facilitator and activist in year 2015, after the tragedy in the night-club Colectiv in Bucharest, where 64 people died in the fire, and many other dozens were scarred for life. At that moment he founded the civic platform Coruptia Ucide (Corruption Kills), a platform which has been fighting against corruption ever since, and which managed, through the 600 thousands of people supporting it and protesting along, to stop different attempts of the government to decriminalize corruption and official misconduct. Florin Badita and Corruption Kills started a programme of high performance civic education through an incubator of civic entrepreneurship CIVISTARTER, which aims at educating young people as to how to get involved in their communities through practical skills (investigative journalism, judicial education, civic campaigns and writing petitions, etc.). The first edition of CIVISTARTER was organized in January 2018 in Bucharest.

Florin Badita, until recently a map analyst, has now started a research project regarding the modalities possible and necessary in our society to detect fake news. Currently he is also setting up the premises in order to organize and host the European Activists Conference (EAC) in Romania, a co-created space for 1000 civic society activists from the EU and neighboring countries with the aim at identifying active participants who could gather, learn, share knowledge and know-how (e.g. investigative journalism, fighting against corruption, a cross-border collaboration amongst NGOs across Europe and not only, etc.), challenge and envision a better way forward for the future of the UE, as civic activists.
He has been invited to take part in the European Youth Event 2018 (EYE 2018) in Strasbourg, and be a speaker in the panel: Corruption Index: Why countries fail or prosper.

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