Dirk Freytag

Founder and MD


Delivery focussed and results-oriented Leader and passionate Entrepreneur who enjoys success by exploring converging industries like Advertising, Mobile Communication and Internet in Europe and the US. Pioneering technology and pushing innovation introducing effective marketing methodologies and planning executable and scalable strategy while championing and leading business development in challenging – and sometimes stressful – settings and dynamic fast growing markets.
Calls upon familiarisation with the commercial challenges faced by senior leaders, coupled with exposure to: technological evolution, business transformation and development and performance improvement, underpinned by an academic background in economics and substantial experience as business angel.
Performed results oriented leadership of cross-cultural and cross-functional teams, analysed and implemented state of the art technologies resulting in new markets and scalable businesses. Acquainted with supervisory roles. Proven in due diligence processes and critical path analysis with agendas in integration and joint operations.

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