Catalin S. Dumitru

Founder and senior partner

Kensington Communication

Catalin S. Dumitru is  founder and senior partner to Kensington Communication, one of the most important communication and marketing agencies in Romania and the region.

Former Political Adviser to the President of Romania, the Romanian Prime Minister, the Moldavian Prime Minister, Presidents of important parties in Romania and Moldova.

PhD in Communication Sciences, Catalin S. Dumitru shared his experience and academic skills in political journalism and political communication as associate professor at the University of Bucharest.

Catalin Dumitru was also consultant for the Romanian Government ministers to MPs, MEPs and also for candidates for European Parliament, or mayores, having extensive experience in the field of political advisers.

He has worked in various political campaigns in the region. In Republic of Moldova, Catalin Dumitru and Kensington Communication has broadened their scope of activities as a consultant for one of the ruling parties for executives of Parliament and cabinet ministers in Chisinau. From this position, Catalin Dumitru was constantly preoccupied of strategic communication for public policies in Moldova.

The work of a trainer is also relevant to Catalin Dumitru preparing numerous, ministers, deputies and senators in the field of political communication  public  speaking and media relations. In this area, Catalin Dumitru collaborated olso with various foundations such as IPP, Konrad Adenauer, or Hans Zeidel.

A major coordinated political events (ex. Launching candidates in local elections, release candidates in the general elections, rallies over 100,000 people). Also communication campaigns for UNDP.

Together with Kensington Communication team he introduced in the Romanian political communication market the concept and tool called “political audit”. A performance evaluation tool of a political organization of central or local, in terms of internal communication and communication with the media and directly to voters.

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