Gurhan Zincircioglu

HIMSS Europe Governing Council Member

Izmir Tire Public Hospital

Gurhan is Orthopaedic Surgeon and CMIO from Izmir Tire Public Hospital in Turkey. He is Chief of Orthopaedie department more than 10 years, CMIO more than 5 years. During this period Izmir Tire Public Hospital achieved EMRAM Stage 6 award in 2014 and EMRAM Stage 7 award in 2016-one of 4 stage 7 hospital in Europe.

He gave lectures and panels about Closed Loop Medication Administration (CLMA), Patient Safety & EPR, interoperability, how to manage a digital hospital and is also a consultant for hospitals. Gurhan has been many Stage 6 and Stage 7 hospital validation visits as HIMSS External Inspector.

Gurhan is member in the HIMSS Europe Governing Council, chair of Turkish Community of HIMSS on progress and program coordinator and member of the organising committee of HIMSS Eurasia 2018. He is swimmer, sailer, old teapot collector. He is the chair of Izmir region AFS International/Intercultural Exchange Program Volunteers Association.

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