Horia Maior

Research Fellow

Mixed Reality Lab

After completing his PhD in Human Computer Interaction with the Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training and the Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham University UK, Dr Maior has been awarded one of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council doctoral prizes, giving him 2 years of self-directed research funding at the same university.

His multidisciplinary research interests fall between Human-Computer Interaction, Brain Computer Interfaces, and Human Factors, but it has impact in many other fields. He developed a world leading expertise in using brain and physiological data collected using non-invasive wearable devices, and machine learning techniques in order to understand and track the amount of stress and mental workload we go through every day.

Dr Maior has a strong publication record, with several being at top ranking world leading venues. Not surprisingly, his community engagement has led him to be invited to present and review work at top conferences and research institutions.

Dr Maior has developed strong links with the local industry and is currently the Chief Technology Officer at RatedDoctor.com a UK based eHealth Startup focused on connecting patients with specialists doctors online.

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