Jeffrey Sparr



PeaceLove Artist and Co-founder Jeff Sparr is a man on an audacious mission – a mission to make mental illness cool. Not cool to have, but cool to support. A family man, mental health advocate, teacher and self-taught artist, Jeff is above all a survivor, battling Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) much of his life. Inspired by a simple, powerful image signifying “peace of mind and love for yourself,” Sparr set out to build the first symbol for mental health and bring expressive arts to millions of people to help them create peace of mind.

Jeff has shared his story with diverse communities including NBC Nightly News,  Cannes Lions, The Discovery Channel, NPR, Hallmark, Zappos, LIVESTRONG, TEDx, Social Venture Network, and Ohio State University. His art has found it’s way into various gallery’s, private collections, permanent installations, and the Grammy Music Cares

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