Kit Carson

Head of Banking & Fintech


>As Head of Banking & Fintech at GlobalData, I’m excited by the shift towards collaboration that is increasingly evident between the incumbents and the Fintech sector. In the information age, it is the nimble start-ups that are well placed to leverage the advancements in technology; collaboration is key for our industry.

I have spent 14 years working directly with consumers and in head office environments, in the UK Financial Services sector. I have a strong skill set in Distribution, Marketing and Product. I possess a global understanding of the FS sector in a post- 2007 world, with a specific focus on Retail Banking, Consumer Payments, Financial Advice and Fintech.

Curious about the psychology of the consumer and fascinated by the interplay of brands in a market, I am someone who invests in understanding both customers’ needs and industry trends as they differ around the world.

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