Mark Aris

Strategic Planning Director & Partner


A half English – half Greek hybrid, who undeservedly claims MARKeting was named after him. In his previous life Mark led a successful career in what else … Marketing, working for several multinational companies in local, regional and global roles, such as Marketing Director, Diageo for White Spirits in Southern Europe, Marketing Manager Johnnie Walker in Western Europe, Group Brand Manager Carlsberg Group etc. It took him 12 years to finally realize that he was much better at creating ideas rather than managing P&Ls.

Staying true to his mantra that “If you don’t have fun in your job you’re wasting your life” he co-created the 4 Wise Monkeys, one of the fastest growing creative agencies in Greece.

With an impressive portfolio of global and local clients e.g. Mondelez, Carlsberg Group, Nissan, Coca Cola Hellenic etc. and 32 major national and international advertising awards in less than 2 years, the 4 Wise Monkeys have set out to prove that “Yes, there is such a thing as advertising that consumers … actually enjoy”.

Mark is also a university professor of Advertising and Marketing, as well as the co-organizer and DJ of the biggest non-profit New Year’s Eve party in Greece, 15 years in a row!

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