Matz Lukmani

EMEA Product Lead, Attribution & Measurement


Matz Lukmani (EMEA Product Lead, Attribution & Measurement) based in London (UK) has been with google for +3 years working on products like Google Analytics 360, AdWords, Attribution 360 and Firebase Analytics.

Matz has over nine years experience in the field of marketing analytics. He has worked as analytics lead for companies like Mediacom, PwC, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Toys ‘R’ Us, SAP and dELiA*s.

He completed his master in USA specializing in computational analytics from the NJIT and holds two bachelor’s degree in finance and computer science from Jadavpur University and Manipal University in India (respectively).

He offers analytics consulting services in the field of web-analytics, predictive analytics and advanced text mining across a wide group of industries. He has worked on select funded academic research initiatives and continues to explore advanced research projects in the field of application of text mining and advanced predictive analytics.

Matz joined Google in 2014 managing Product Operations for Google Analytics 360, AdWords, Attribution 360 and Firebase Analytics. He currently working as a EMEA Product Lead, for Attribution & Measurement, based out of Google (London). Prior to joining Google, Matz was an Associate Director, Insights & Analytics at Mediacom.

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