Mihai Craiu

Head of Second Pediatrics Clinic

"Alessandrescu-Rusescu" National Institute for Mother & Child Health

Mihai Craiu is head of Second Pediatrics Clinic of “Alessandrescu-Rusescu” National Institute for Mother & Child Health, a tertiary referral clinic affiliated to Carol Davila Medical University in Bucharest. Board-certified pediatrician with a PhD thesis in Pediatric Emergency Medicine since 2005, dr Craiu, along with his Emergency Department team developed an educational tool for the most prevalent chronic disease in children – asthma. “Virtual Asthma Hospital” was included in the Institute portal since 2016, because its efficacy was documented in a trial presented at the 2015 Conference of European Respiratory Society in Amsterdam. VAH was the starting point for a bigger educational tool that is running as an Facebook page ” Spitalul Virtual de Copii” since January 2017.

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