Cristina Moise

Data Architect

Cristina is a hands-on data architect with over 10 years’ experience in data analytics.

Besides her technical roles, Cristina took part in several initiatives: predictive analytics researching programs, assets development, technical communities’ creation.

Cristina supported several NGOs across the world in defining their data analytics strategies for sustainable growth. Projects like how to decrease the deforestation rate in the Amazonian jungle or how to optimize the resources’ usage in third world countries.

Her competencies in the Cognitive domain are focused on applied machine learning and computational linguistics.

Currently, Cristina is doing a PhD program in Human Languages Technologies and several researching topics are related to political campaigns.

Cristina Moise is a graduate of Warwick’s University MBA program. She studied at the Cybernetics Faculty of Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest and Université d’Orleans in France.

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