Paul Keire

Chief Medical Officer

Anatomy Next

Born in San Jose, CA to a father who was a lead Boeing engineer and mother who was an obstetrics nurse. Performed first surgery at age 16 (on my cat who I will never forget). Attended the University of Washington, graduated with honors in Chemistry, Immunology and Microbiology.

Medical studies where in Dayton, Ohio (MD/PhD), and then the Department of Pathology, with specialization in cardiovascular medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle. In 2006 was part of the team of doctors who developed and transplanted the the first fully ex-vivo engineered blood vessel into humans; the goal being to provide an alternative to the roughly 500,000 cardiovascular patients requiring bypass surgery per year.

I have a number of academic and clinical research publications on anatomy and have worked as Anatomy Next’s Chief Medical Officer since January of 2017. My mission is to produce better trained doctors, nurses, medics, and healthcare professions, and we are doing so through the creation of AR/VR/MR simulators.

Applications include a total 3D digitized human body that you can study on your smartphone, to the google maps of anatomy database engine with 2D and 3D interactive content, to multi-player, multi-linked virtual reality simulations of medical procedures that are performed every day throughout the world.

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