Peter Fossick

Managing Director

Factotum Design

Peter Fossick is a seasoned design director specialising in service design, UX design and disruptive innovation using a range of approaches and playbook to deliver branded omni-channel customer-centric business offerings within the service-product continuum for the Outcome Economy.

With a rich range of project experience, Peter has worked across diverse sectors with top tier global corporations and start-ups in the USA, Europe, MENA, China and Australia. His project and client experience includes: AMP, Chic-Fil-A, GM, Fairfax Media, IBM, Nissan, Renault, The Saudi Ministry of Health, Standard Chartered Bank, VTech Holdings, WilliamHill Online and many more.

With a proven track record in successful boot-strapping and scaling start-ups at speed, Peter is an angel investor in several companies in the USA and UK where he established Argo as a boutique investment company.

As an academic Peter developed the first BFA & MFA in Service Design in the USA in 2008/9 as well as ground breaking undergraduate and postgraduate curricula in Design Thinking, HCD, Product Design, UX Design, Interaction Design as well as in Innovation and Design Management in the UK, USA and SE Asia.

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