Rozalina Lapădatu



Rozalina Lapadatu is an activist, a professional advocating for social change and civic responsibility, and the founder of A.P.A.A.

With more than 20 years’ experience in pharma, governmental and private health, CSR and NGO work she gained a unique expertise, a different point of view. Rozalina’s approach, tough, innovative and committed to social change was awarded and recognized as such:   Woman of the Year 2013 for Initiative in People Support, Golden PR Award 2013 and Silver PR Award 2014, Excellency Award for Patients Right by 2013 and “Vox Patientis” Award by Medica Academica 2014.

She is a Stanford University trainer for “Self-management in arthritis and fibromyalgia course” in Romania and Fellow of the European Patients’ Academy.

About A.P.A.A. Autoimmune Diseases Patient Association was founded for the benefit of Romanian patients initially, going into international partnerships later on and becoming one of the outstanding voices in supporting patients with autoimmune diseases A.P.A.A has more than 11.000 followers and 2000 members currently.

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