Petrit Selimi

Chief Executive Officer

Millennium Foundation Kosovo

Petrit SELIMI is the Chief Executive Officer in Millennium Foundation Kosovo. He has previously served as the National Coordinator of the Office for Millennium Challenges at the Government of Kosovo. He led the efforts on behalf of the Kosovo Government to reach an investment of $49million, second biggest Threshold program in history of MCC.

Prior to his engagement with the MCC Programs, Petrit has served as Acting Foreign Minister and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Kosovo in two consecutive mandates from 2010 to 2016. During his tenure in Government, he founded several innovative initiatives in public and digital diplomacy and received international awards, including Doha Award for Interfaith Dialogue.

Following Brussels agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, Petrit was also appointed as the National Coordinator for implementation of regional cooperation agreement with Serbia and ran the efforts for membership of Kosovo to multilateral institutions including Venice Commission, CoE Development Bank and UNESCO.

He speaks fluent Albanian, English, Serbian and Norwegian. He is a recipient of the prestigious Marshall Memorial Fellowship with the German Marshall Fund of Unites States. He has lectured in diverse topics in Yale, Harvard, Georgetown, NYU, George Washington University, LSE etc. and was featured and profiled in New York Times, The Economist, Wired Magazine, BBC, NPR, etc.

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