Simon Windsor

Co-Founder & Director

Dimension Studio

Simon has been at the forefront of immersive technologies since 2011, launching several successful companies in AR and VR, and bringing state-of-the-art immersive production facilities to the UK. He is joint-head at immersive media company, Hammerhead, and at Dimension, a pioneering volumetric video capture studio and first Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture studio partner, focused on creating next generation virtual humans. Simon is also a director at TimeSlice Films, one of the UK’s leading multi-cam and capture solutions specialists, and prior to this he was part of the management team that launched AR technology platform, String. An award winning AR and VR producer, Simon has inspired and lead projects for companies including Disney, Nike, Sky, Audi, HSBC, Magic Leap and many more, and produced original VR titles including ABE and Syren.

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