Simona Ralph

Consultant, Quality and Healthcare Improvement

Alberta Health Services

Simona Ralph brings together international clinical experience with business management, communications, and design. Her consulting expertise is in quality improvement, patient relations and systemic design. She is a passionate advocate for human-centred design in healthcare and believes everyone is a source of creativity.

Her most powerful drive is to bring ideas to life: she created HCR Central, a virtual hub for change agents in healthcare, and was a catalyst for opening D4AHS, the first healthcare innovation lab inside a health organization in Canada. Her interests include healthcare startups and creating anti-disciplinary spaces for innovation. She is also a Director on the Board for Kadima Dynamics, a think-tank aiming to create meaningful change through technology.

Simona earned her BA, BN, MSc. in Healthcare Quality and is a certified Patient Safety Trainer.

When she’s off her smartphone, she is on her yoga mat, practicing and teaching yoga, meditation and tai chi.

Twitter: @simonaMSC

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