Tedy Necula

Inspirational Film & Ads Director / Producer & Speaker

Tedy Necula

Tedy produced over 40 campaigns and documentaries for well known European brands, and remains passionate by those which also have a social cause. Some of the brands who dared to share an inspirational story are Chevrolet, UNICEF, Consiliul European, Orange Romania, Unilever, Apa Nova, JRC Germany, or Blue Heron Foundation. He also had the opportunity to work with vulnerable communities like LGBT, people with disabilities, women in prisons or communities in risk areas.

Tedy’s approach has one goal: to find and express the inspirational side of any topic or brand, that side which could inspire anyone.

Tedy is also an inspirational speaker, being the only Romanian director with disabilities. His first talk was given in front of the Chambers of Deputies, Romanian Parliament, in 2009. He feels very much grateful that he has impact on those who need to surpass business, social or personal obstacles, as well as on people who need a bit of inspiration to reach their potential. His credo is that inspiration leads to revelations. And revelations create change.

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