– June 14, 2018 – The Future of Health is Digital

Digital is transforming healthcare at an exhilarating pace through apps, wearables, telemedicine, liquid hospitals, VR&AR, digital interventions and therapeutics and more. Launched three years ago, offers an interactive platform for learning and networking, which brings together the entire eHealth ecosystem – the only healthcare innovation event in Europe affiliated to the ethos Everyone Included™, born at Stanford Medicine X. sits within iCEE.fest, where technology, science and design converge. But people come first.

What’s New?

From healthcare to fitness and wellness, discover the latest digital solutions, the newest best practices and the cutting edge developments together with our topnotch speaker line-up. 2018 has two stages on June 14: main stage - Focus 2, and a stage with a workshop, masterclasses and a Romanian session - Focus 4.

eHealth Hub returns with the Lean eHealth Startup Academy and a medtech workshop, on VIP 2 (registration required here).

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